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What We Do

We're a web development company - we create websites and web projects by request from our clients. You tell us what you need, how you want it to look and work, and we create it for you.

We can also be your team for ongoing web development work - PHP programming, HTML/CSS (responsive), other frameworks (Wordpress, Drupal, Contao), as well as design work. Our prices start at $24/€19 per hour.

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Do you need a website? For your new business idea, or for your existing business? We'll build it for you!
We can also help with updating or fixing a problem on your existing website.

We do the entire process - the design, the web pages, the functionality & the programming, etc. Once finished, we remain available for the website's maintenance or anything else you need in future.

Our websites are "responsive" - they look and work well not only on computers but also on smartphones and tablets.

In web development since 2004, we've built websites of almost any kind - business websites, online stores, social networks & dating, websites for healthcare, finances, travel, and many others.

We know how to build you a professional website. One that looks and works the way you want.

Created by us: Official website of Acuerate - a manufacturer of custom snooker cues and accessories. The website has an online store with a back-end system for order tracking and inventory management.

See more websites in our portfolio.

Thinking of a website? Tell us what you have in mind

Web projects

We can also build your web projects - such as web-based software, online service, etc.

One of our most interesting projects is a web-based ERP system for a Belgian cosmetics store. The system manages the orders, commissions, warehouse quantities, and the entire web side of the business. You can see screenshots and more info in our portfolio.

Another interesting project we've recently finalized is work-reporting module for a staffing agency from New York. The healthcare workers submit their weekly reports, the system processes them, calculates their paycheck and automatically charges the employer.

At the moment we're also working on an online reservation system for sport clubs.

Those are just a few of many web projects we've built throughout the years. To have such project built successfully you need not only to know programming well, but also to make the system flexible enough to accommodate future upgrades, as well as user-friendly so even inexperienced person can use it with ease.

We follow those principles in every project.

Created by us: Web-based software made by us for a cosmetics company from Belgium. The system manages orders and payments, calculates distributor commissions, controls in-stock quantities and much more.

See more websites in our portfolio.

Thinking of a web project? Tell us what you have in mind

Web development for hire

If you need web development work (PHP Programming, HTML/CSS coding, etc.) regularly or for a large-scale project, you can hire our services on hourly basis:

  • PHP Programming
  • HTML/CSS coding (Responsive)
  • Other frameworks (Wordpress, Drupal, Contao)
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Design work (website design, logos, etc.)

We work mainly with "clean" PHP but we also take projects in Wordpress, Drupal and Contao. If you prefer another framework, please let us know - we're generally open to learning and working with new technologies.

Regardless if it's PHP or HTML/CSS, we try keeping our code organized and easy to understand by other developers. We use meaningful names for files, variables, functions, etc. We organize the code in modules and classes, and we try keeping programming logic and design separate.

We make sure our web pages are well-protected against most common vulnerabilities and hacker attacks, and the HTML/CSS works well on various browsers, screen resolutions and devices.

Our philosophy is: "Don't just do it. Do it right!"

  • PHP programming
  • HTML/CSS (responsive), JS/jQuery
  • Wordpress, Drupal, Contao
  • Design work - website design, etc.
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Why work with us?


We're in business since 2004 and we've built more than 320 websites and web-projects. Almost every employee at MetaVisia has years of experience.


The work on every project is managed directly by George Zlatev and Alex Atanasov. We make sure your requests are completed correctly and precisely.


We reply to all e-mails within several hours or the next working day at latest. We do our best to complete all your requests asap.


Our prices start at $24/€19 per hour - an opportunity to build your web project within a reasonable budget..

Work Process FAQ

Q: Do you write a project brief or a specification?

A: Yes, we do. Before we start, we write down all your requirements in a project summary which we send to you for approval. We proceed only after you confirm it's correct and includes everything you need.

Q: Do you code "clean" PHP or you use framework?

A: Either is fine. We generally code in "clean" PHP but we also do projects in Wordpress, Drupal and Contao. If you prefer another framework - that's ok, we're open to working with new frameworks.

Q: Is your HTML/CSS code responsive i.e. are your websites compatible with smartphones and tablets?

A: Yes. All our recent projects are with responsive HTML/CSS code and compatible with mobile devices.


Q: What type of developers do you have in your team?

A: We've got PHP programmers, HTML/CSS coders and graphic designers.

Q: How does the work process go?

A: After we've clarified what is to be done, we begin the work. We stay in touch during the entire process.
When we're done, we submit the work to you for review. If you find any lapses - we correct them as soon as possible (even if you notice them months later). We remain available for future work on this or any other project of yours.

Q: Who will be my contact person?

A: You will work and communicate either with George or Alex. One of them will be assigned to your project and you will be working with him for the entire project.

Q: Do George and Alex manage the work on projects directly?

A: Yes, they do. They directly manage and supervise the work on each project. They make sure the developers know what exactly to do and that they do it right.

Q: Do your developers speak English?

A: Yes, all our developers speak English.

Q: How would we communicate?

A: We work mostly by e-mail, as well as phone and Skype.

Q: What is your availability? How fast do you answer my e-mails?

A: We answer your e-mails within several hours or the next working day at latest. If it's an urgent matter you can call us by phone
We're available Monday - Friday except for the official holidays and a 2-week vacation in the Summer. Even when we're closed you can still reach us by phone if you need us urgently.

Q: How would we pay you?

A: You can pay us by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card (all major credit cards accepted).

Q: Are we charged a fixed price or by-the-hour?

A: Depends on the project. If it's a single project and clearly defined in advance, without requirements to be changed later - we quote a fixed price in advance.
If it's a large-scale project, we break it down into several phases and we quote each phase separately beforehand.
If it's ongoing work or if it's long-term project with requirements often changed during the work course, we prefer to go by-the-hour.

Q: Since when your company exists?

A: MetaVisia Ltd. was established in 2004. The owners George and Alex work together as web developers since 2001.

Q: Why do you think we should choose your team for our project?

A: Our experience, professional & precise work, the good communication, as well as our prices. To read more - please scroll up ⇧ to the section "Why work with us".

Q: Would it be OK if we gave you a small test project first?

A: Absolutely. This is a good way for us to demonstrate our skills and for you to make sure that we're the right team.

Q: Can you provide references of current or past customers?

A: Sure - please check the page Who We Are.

Q: How can we contact you?

A: You can email us at info@metavisia.com, call us at +359 878 027 377 or fill the contact form on our contacts page. We'll reply today or the next working day at latest.

More details: