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Who We Are

MetaVisia Ltd. is based in Ruse, Bulgaria. The company was established in 2004 and has built more than 320 websites and web projects since then.

Most clients of MetaVisia are from United States and Europe (England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and others). Please see below to learn more about us and to read testimonials from our clients:

Where we are

Where we are

MetaVisia Ltd. is based in Ruse, Bulgaria. Ruse is the 5th biggest Bulgarian city, located on the Danube river next to the border with Romania. Ruse in Wikipedia »

Ruse is easily accessible - it's close to the International airport of Bucharest from where any EU country can be reached in max. 2-3 hours by plane. For example, it’s a 3-hour flight to London, 2-hour to Munich and only 1 hour 30 mins to Vienna.


For several years now Bulgaria is becoming an attractive IT outsourcing destination. Bulgarian programmers and IT specialists are known as among the best in Europe. IT companies such as Hewlett-Packard and SAP, as well as hundreds of mid- and small-sized IT businesses from EU and USA, have already established development centers here. Bulgaria is preferred for several good reasons:

  • high qualification of IT specialists and developers
  • labour costs lower than in USA and Western Europe
  • practically non-existing cultural differences from USA & EU compared to other outsourcing destinations such as India
  • reliability - a member-state of the European Union
  • easily accessible - max. 2-3 hours by plane from any EU country

Who we are

MetaVisia Ltd. is based in Ruse, Bulgaria


Ruse, a photo from the city centre photo by Ivo Rusev in Wikipedia



The best way to know us is to ask somebody who have already worked with us.
The companies and individuals below are our clients, some of them for many years:

Testimonials - James Harper

James Harper, 28b Limited
Huntingdon, UK

MetaVisia is our "go to" development partner because of their good coding practices, the speed with which they respond to our requests and their attention to detail and quality.

Testimonials - Johan Cools

Johan Cools, Novavie
Bruges, Belgium

We have been working with Metavisia for several years now and this after having several bad experiences with local companies.

George and his team are creating working solutions with a great after-sale service. We feel secure when working with George's team and they have proven they can build even a very complex project.

Testimonials - Kevin Judge

Kevin Judge, Judge Supply Inc.
Attleboro, MA, USA

The strength of Metavisia is its dedication to service. George and his team are highly responsive. In the nearly ten years of doing business with them I can honestly say we've never had a problem that they couldn't solve in a timely fashion.

Testimonials - Michael Bloch

Michael Bloch, Affenkaefig UG
Meine, Germany

I have been very pleased with Metavisia and I can only recommend them. The quality of the work was great and the quickness of their customer support impressive. I will definitely continue working with them.

Testimonials - ITMRG

IT Management Resources Group
Tysons Corner, VA, USA

MetaVisia developed one of our social platforms (DesiCrush), as well as several other large-scale projects.

Their web development service is excellent and the staff we work with are very sharp. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe.

Very responsive team and easy company to work with. We enjoy our partnership very much and look forward to working together in the future.

Testimonials - Andrew Halper

I. Halper Paper & Supplies Inc.
Bayonne, NJ, USA

We've been working with George for over 5 years, and his company has been a huge asset to us. They are quick to reply, and the pricing is extremely competitive. It's a great partnership, we look forward to many more years working together.